I am honoured and glad to see you here, so welcome. As you already may know, we started this collection with a ‘big bang’!

The idea to design these amazing bow ties came about in Montenegro between two designers – Marjan Krnjic, head designer at MK exclusive and Joel Loyo, and then MK exclusive brand decided to make this idea come to life. The process of designing and brainstorming ideas was long, but it was well worth it.

And who is Mr. Joseph?
Behind the name of this bow tie collection, stands young Slovenian model, named Jozef Sraka. I am a tourism major student on the coastline region, who loves travelling and fashion. It inspires me to express myself. And what better way to show my style than wearing Mr. Joseph – bow ties?!
You will see me wear these bow ties to events, shows, and even weekend gatherings with friends.

The brand chose me to represent this great collection and it is a great honour and also, a great responsibility for me. I am glad to be a part of this great story and glad to be a part of a collection that is really dear to my heart.

Soon, a fashion editorial came about, and here are some pictures from the shoot. The pictures were taken by Kat Diaz, and alongside me, fellow model, Zoja Limavsek.

The next step was a press conference. It was held nearby Ljubljana. All major press outlets attended, and here are some pictures from the conference.

Ofcourse, MK exclusive mascot, named Karma attended the press conference.
Mr. Joseph bow ties were just released to the public, and you can already see them everywhere. They were featured in Big Brother Slovenia, live shows and in the Big Brother house. The contestants wear them and also the host of the show, Manja Plesnar.
image9 image8 image7

All these bow ties are now also available in the Mr. Joseph shop. Go under the tab ‘shop’ and pick out your piece. I can guarantee, that you and your Mr. Joseph bow tie piece will not be un-noticed. Because these bow ties are for special people. For those with their own sense of style. For you.And what is the next step you may wonder? Mr. Joseph – bow tie collection is soon heading to London, UK.

Stay tuned and enjoy the journey with me and Mr. Joseph – bow tie collection. It will be a fun journey and worth following it.