Dear #mrjosephbowtie loyal readers!

Welcome back, this time around we’ll touch the topic of my personal closet from home. I will write a few posts, talking about my personal style. I’ve gotten a lot of questions from you, dear readers about taking a peek into my own closet. And, here it is.

So, let’s talk about my personal style – as a true gentleman, I like to keep my style elegant and classy. Gentlemen, you should own at least a couple of well-tailored suits. It’s a must. They can be a bit pricey, but worth the money, along with a well-fitting shirt.



After you have a good suit, shirt, shoes (ofcourse!) – you need an accessory. Why? Cause it brings out your personality and makes you unique. My advice? Bow ties. Before reading further on, jump on, and pick out your very own! At the moment, supplies are running low, but more are in production. Yes, it may take a while, but that is simply because they are hand-made. #nocheapshitzone 🙂

My advice on accessories is to keep it simple. I rather see you own fewer pieces, but of good quality and design. And, don’t put everything you own on yourself – it’s not stylish, it makes you look like a christmas tree. See picture above, I would combine a bow tie, along with a good watch, a belt, vintage D&G ring and a Mr. Joseph – bow tie card-holder for my bank card.


See you next time, when we’ll talk about Mr. Joseph, the trendsetter. 😉

Mr. Joseph