Dear readers!

As you all already know, this saturday is going to be special. Two of the biggest names in music in the area, Severina and Toni Cetinsky, are coming to Portoroz (Slovenia), for what is going to be the biggest event this summer. The whole event is organised by Euterpe Events; “Honestly, we’ve been ‘flirting’ with the Portorose beach for the event location for quite a while now and now, we are finally glad to announce it.” said Ines Bule.

The concert is going to be big. And for those, who expect more, will be taken care of. They are preparing a special ‘VIP GOLD’ area for extra demanding guest. That is where you’ll be able to meet Mr. Joseph.

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The concert spectacle will also hold a charitable side-note. Each guest will be able to help fund ‘Domnov Sklad’, which funds intelligent youngsters, who are unable to pay for their education abroad.

I am glad to be a part of this great event, I am sure it will be amazing, fun and over-the-top, but also holds a charitable side note. I am really looking forward to it – will I see you there?

Mr. Joseph