Dear Mr. Joseph – Bow Tie blog readers!

I am really happy and proud to announce that what we have been preparing, is a new show, named London Overdose. Yes, I am about to move to London with a great friend of mine, Marjan, the man behind the brand MK exclusive. This project is without doubt my and our biggest project of a lifetime.

The first season has 12 episodes, which will air exclusively on the biggest Slovenian portal for woman that are in trend, follow fashion, health… and now London Overdose. We air on on September 29th 2016.


Naturally, we needed new promo shots. Marjan picked out our styling for the shoot, and my job was to find the right location for the photo shoot. I choose a rooftop of a building in Maribor, Slovenia. Rooftop? Yes. Security? No problem, we took care of that as well, as security and safety is my number one priority. That is where my security Scooby came in.


Photos were taken by Luka Rebol.

Stay close, London Overdose is coming. See you on September 29th!

Yours truly,

Mr. Joseph