Dear Mr. Joseph – Bow Tie loyal readers,

Today is casual tuesday in my books, and on a sunny day I choose yellow Converse sneakers and evolved today’s OOTD around the shoes. And even on a casual day, you have to smell nice. So, I chose Versace – The Dreamer scent.

I have chosen a set of bracelets, Moschino sunglasses a Fred Perry belt to match the bracelets and a Hugo Boss scarf to complete the look.

So, the time has come, I am on my way out…

… I have completed the look with a Fred Perry coat and am about to go pick up some burek (baked and filled pastry with cheese, meat etc., originating from the Balkan area) for friends.

Shoes: Converse
Perfume: Versace – The Dreamer
Sunglasses: Moschino
Belt: Fred Perry
Scarf: Hugo Boss
Coat: Fred Perry
Jeans: Zara

And the whole look:

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s OOTD.

Yours truly,

Mr. Joseph