Dear Mr. Joseph Bow – Tie readers,

Today is Thursday. It is the last day before your weekend starts, so today you have to run around and do all the things you were supposed to do during the weekdays. So, today lets keep it comfortable, but we mustn’t compromise on style. No, no.

A busy Thursday means I will have to run around and, comfort starts with underwear. Gentlemen will know. Therefor, I have chosen a pair of Versace boxer briefs to start with.

On a busy day and running around, you have to smell nice, wherever you go, so for today’s #OOTD I have chosen another Versace item, their nice and fresh fragrance, named Versace – Blue Jeans. Perfect.

For today’s accessories I have kept it simple and stylish. An Armani Exchange bracelet and a lovely watch from Zlatarna Celje, to be accurate from their Lencia collection. It’s a great watch, which makes sure you are always on time.

To run around for all your errands, you have to wear comfortable shoes. I have chosen Vans sneakers, which are really comfortable and do not compromise on style. Perfect match for a busy Thursday, and people notice great shoes.

The main piece for today’s #OOTD would definitely be this Dolce & Gabbana kimono-inspired couture T-Shirt. The pants for today definitely follow up, I have chosen Guess grey patterned pants with great detail.

For today’s #OOTD I have used:
– Versace boxer briefs
– Versace – Blue Jeans fragrance
– Armani Exchange bracelet
– Zlatarna Celje – Lencia watch
– Vans sneakers
– Dolce & Gabbana couture T-Shirt
– Guess grey patterned pants

Are you interested in Friday’s #OOTD? See you tomorrow. 🙂

Yours truly,
Mr. Joseph