Dear mr. Joseph – Bow Tie readers!

It if finally here – yes, a new #OOTD post, but I meant Friday. 🙂
The weekdays are long and I face new challenges everyday, so I take Friday for fun. But, Mr. Joseph takes it to another level – is Friday just for fun, or is it time to become my second self, a superhero?

Every superhero must smell nice, so my choice for today was from Hugo Boss – Orange fragrance. It smells amazing and only adds to my Friday superhero #OOTD.

Every superman has to stay healthy. It is a hard job saving the world from bad guys, and if you would have to do it with a runny nose – it would be impossible. So, you need a daily dose of vitamins for feeling good and staying healthy.

The main piece for today is this super cool and dorky Batman onesie from Primark, a fun and comfortable choice for a relaxed Friday – but do stay inside. People might get offended seeing Batman on the streets. 🙂

Stay healthy, smell nice, and have fun. It’s Friday! And for me – I have to be prepared, you never know when the world might need a superhero.

Wonder what will I prepare tomorrow?

Yours truly,

Mr. Joseph