Dear mr. Joseph readers!

Yes, what we have been working towards to, the first ever fashion show event of MK exclusive. It’s going to be a majestic show in London, and we will show you a good glimpse of it in Maribor already. When?

December 23rd 2017 in Hiša Zabave Trust Maribor.

It has been a long journey, you have seem some of it through London Overdose, which you have very well received. We were watched about half of a million times on YouTube. Still amazed by that fact.

We have seeked for additional support from you guys, and thanks to you – we did not fail. We have asked for support on this huge project through a crowdfunding campaign on, where you supported us with over 10.000€. For those of you who know how important this is to us and – how nuch time, energy and resources is needed for a project like this you know and understand the starting amount is not enough, but it is a great motivation for us as we understand and see now how much you support us. And that means the most!

We have prepared this short video where we introduced the idea to you guys, and I guess it convinced you to support us:

A lot of media outlets have reported about the project, which brought even more attention to the project. Here is some of them CLICK and CLICK.

Slowly we have collected and set up our team, which we like to call the MK exclusive crew, and allow me to introduce them to you. From left to right:

After me, Nadja Kananovič (painter, artist), Džimi Zemljič (hairdresser, hairmaster who ranked #6th on the world hairdressing championship in Dubai), Meri J. Verbnjak & Borut Justin (Studio 69, video production), Barbara Visket (makeup artist, using Nee Makeup Milano), Aleš Černi (fashion designer) and Nina Maurovič (singer and London Overdose producer) and in front Jasmina Gregurič (fashion designer) and Marjan Krnjič (fashion designer and event organiser). Also, needed to be mentioned is James Gallant (Teyson Productions, video production).

Yes, this is the MK exclusive crew, we have all worked hard, and we arenot even halfway – the first tryout is happening in Maribor on December 23rd, where you will see the first glimpse of what we will bring to the MK exclusive LDN fashion show early next year. I cannot give away too much, but what I can say, there will be many surprises.

One of them – July Jones!

July is going to perform on the show in Maribor already! You want more surprises? Stay tuned, and I’ll see you in Maribor. Many surprises yet to come! The journey is yet to start. Join us on the ride!

Mr. Joseph