“Butterfly” bow ties are spreading their wings

As we almost gave up on them, they made a major comeback. They are not just an exclusive for gala events, they became a fashion statement and a special accessory for relaxing evening gatherings.

Nothing defines the mens style trends of this era more than a beard and a bow tie. Odd, two things that were almost forgotten. Not long ago we laughed at old family photos of men wearing beards and moustaches, and at them wearing bow ties on New Year’s eve or really special events. As it seems, on the global fashion trends – the beards are out, and the bow ties are taking their turn.

Nowadays we don’t see them only on special gala events, they are becoming a special fashion accessory, even for gatherings over the weekend – mainly because of usage of newer materials and originality.

Wooden, plastic, silk

Bow ties, made of silk are mainly seen on gala events, but for other occasions, when a man would like to stand out, appear elegant, but at the same time not too formal – we now have a range of various bow ties, made out of wood, glass, metal and even plastic. A great opportunity to express individuality. The trend is in full effect, and actually one of the first wooden bow ties was made in Slovenia. Now, a few Slovenian designers make these new and fresh bow ties. “What used to have a status symbol, usually comes back massively. The same goes with bowties, probabbly because of designers who started making them out of wood. But we found our own approach to designing them.” words of Slovenian designer Marjan Krnjić, the creative force behind the brand MK exclusive, who a few days ago intruduced the freshest of Slovenian collections of bow ties, collection named ‘Mr. Joseph’. “The idea to design bow ties came about last year when I, and my fellow designer colleague Joel Loyo were hosted on Montenegro Fashion Week” said Krnjić.

It may seem that a bow tie offers only very limited space for designing, but the design process is very complex. Prior to launching the collection they made over sixteen different prototypes and later on, after testing, it was decided which would be launched into the public. In the beginning, they used ten different materials, but decided later on to use only plexiglass and satin. Their special clients got special and unique pieces. Every bow tie, according to the designer, goes through at least six pairs of hands, and some pieces got Swarovski crystals added.

Who is Mr. Joseph?

The face of this collection and after who the collection was named after, is a young Slovenian model, named Jožef Sraka. “We, at MK exclusive noticed him last year, when we were searching for models for one of our fashion shows, and invited him to work with us. Therefor the collaboration.” says the designer about the 24-year old, who is a tourism major student and is, besides fashion, also interested in fitness and travelling.

The fact that bow ties are not only for New Year’s Eve parties and award shows, Krnjić agrees: “Dress codes and rules change and are up-to-dated, along with materials and cuts of well-known designs from the past. It is correct that fashion follows and evolves.” The origin of bow ties historians connect with the creation of ties, worn by Croatian soldiers in the 17th century. It is unknown if the link between the tie and bow tie is connected or not, or if ties just implied for the bow ties to be worn. Nowadays it is common seeing women wearing bow ties. In the late ’80s, women, especially Americans, working in the banking industry wore pant-suits, the female version of male smokings. And eventually they also added bow ties, which were a bit fuller and bigger than their male origins.

Text taken and adapted from “Metuljček je spet razpel krila” author Denis Živčec, newspaper Večer, april 10th 2016 (Open original text .pdf)