Mr. Joseph loves to smell nice

Dear readers! Mr. Joseph – bow tie loyal readers, as you all probabbly know, Mr. Joseph is a true gentleman who loves to smell nice. I would like to share with you, that Mr. Joseph is using the best fill-up perfumes available in my country. I use perfumes from Parfumerija…

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Making of, Mr. Joseph – bow tie photoshoot

Hello, dear readers! Just a quick note – I would like to share a little something special with you. Here’s an exclusive image from behing the scenes from my last photoshoot for new images to be featured on this site, along with several special, unique and hand-made bow ties. It’s…

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Hello, fashion world and welcome to the Mr. Joseph – bow tie blog!

I am honoured and glad to see you here, so welcome. As you already may know, we started this collection with a ‘big bang’! The idea to design these amazing bow ties came about in Montenegro between two designers – Marjan Krnjic, head designer at MK exclusive and Joel Loyo,…

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